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Andon light system

15 June 2016

Launched earlier this year, Werma Signaltechnik is an intelligent call for action andon light system for warehousing and packing operations. Unlike traditional andon lights this not only gives clear and immediate optical signalisation of operational condition changes but also documents and analyses non-productive events.

AndonSpeed allows the member of staff to simply press a button on his packing station and activate a signal light which gives a clear indication of the type of assistance required and thereby enable intervention to respond immediately.

Whether it be a request for new material to be delivered, assistance required or that work is running out, with the help of Andonspeed the appropriate intervention can be called up immediately.  This can help reduce waiting times and delays in responding to requests for intervention and thus make the operation more lean and efficient.

Andonspeed is not only quick and simple to install but is intuitive and thus very easy to use.  The different events or requests are commonly signalled with red/green/amber lights and so little training is required to understand the significance of the warning lights which can be a significant factor if the workforce might be largely inexperienced / seasonal.

The system collects and stores all status light changes and can generate reports and analyses. The software package supplied with the system provides accurate and impartial process data and improves transparency of the operation.

Decisions can be made based on the impartial data provided by Andonspeed reports.  Bottlenecks can be identified, processes optimised and long lasting counter measures instigated.  “It is possible to reduce waiting time at the workstation by up to 50% comments Winfried Huber”, Sales Manager at Werma Signaltechnik.
The data is presented in clear and easy to follow visual displays, allowing you to look at the different performance characteristics of the operation and more easily identify possible deficits.

The improved transparency of disruptions and waiting times in the operation permits continuous improvement measures to be put in place and release hidden potential and optimise the process.