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Easing transition to latest generation intelligent logic modules

06 July 2017

RS Components is working in close collaboration with Siemens to help customers upgrade to the latest generation LOGO! series of intelligent logic modules for industrial automation applications.

Following the announcement towards the end of last year that the LOGO! 6 logic controllers are being phased out, Siemens is recommending its LOGO! 8 range as the ideal replacement.

In addition to offering a full selection of LOGO! 8 logic controllers, RS is actively helping customers to migrate to the new series. RS has already put in place a global marketing programme to inform customers about the upgrade and the choices available for future designs when the LOGO! 6 range is no longer available for purchase. The distributor is also producing a dedicated migration guide in multiple languages, highlighting key benefits of the LOGO! 8 series with links to additional content, including supplier videos and technical articles published on the RS DesignSpark community website.

The LOGO! 8 series is the latest generation of intelligent logic modules from Siemens, which upgrades the capabilities of its LOGO! 6 series. Improvements include a new optical indicating display with greatly increased contrast and six lines with 16 characters each, and full communication functions via Ethernet across the full range of logic modules. For example, the LOGO! 8 units come with an Ethernet interface to allow communication with up to eight logic controllers in a network. In addition, the port allows communication to other devices such as the SIMATIC S7 PLC or HMI panels.

The logic modules also come equipped with an integrated web server, which enables easy-to-configure monitoring and control via wireless and Internet connectivity and LOGO! software with no requirement for HTML programming knowledge. Data transfer to the controller has also been standardised: LOGO! 8 allows the use of a standard micro-SD card to copy a program to the controller, whereas LOGO! 6 required the use of a special memory module.

LOGO! 6 users will also be able to continue using their legacy programs via the Siemens PLC programming Comfort V8 software, which supports the transition to LOGO! 8. In addition, the amount of function blocks in the software now reaches up to 400 from the original 200 offered by LOGO! 6.