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Connecting network to cloud

25 September 2017

With netIOT, Hilscher is now offering a technology and service package that aims to exchange data from automation system components to the Cloud or to IoT-based applications.

Available from Miles Industrial Electronics, the netIOT Edge Gateway NIOT-E-TIJCX-GB-RE integrates itself as an I/O subscriber in PROFINET or EtherNet/IP networks. It is thus positioned within the cyclical exchange to the PLC and also communicates with IoT-capable field devices directly via OPC UA/MQTT.

Additional services, such as IBM Watson or Microsoft Azure, etc. can also be used to transmit to familiar Cloud systems. The web-based IoT connection editor Node RED is used to configure the data flow. Data applications and profiles can be linked and created in this manner using more than 70 pre-defined function blocks, referred to as "nodes". The device was designed to comply with the cyber security standard IEC 62443. The integrated protection mechanisms, such as the ability to physically disconnect from the OT and IT network, a trustworthy operating system, starting up from signed firmware and packages only, and an encryption method applied when transmitting data that is based on the highest standards, ensure the integrity of the data and protect from potential data theft.