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Motors & gears for every drive application

24 April 2020

KEB Automation is seeing an increase in demand for its range of three-phase motors and geared motors from a variety of industry sectors, including plastics and packaging machines, automotive production and textile machinery.

KEB has been manufacturing motors and gearboxes at its production plant in Schneeberg, Saxony in Germany for more than 25 years. “Our roots lie in the geared motor, but in the meantime, the servo motor has become one of our most important products,” explains Daniel Lehmann, Product Manager Motors at KEB.

“By choosing different options, the motors can be optimised and prepared for operation with the frequency inverter. An example is safe encoders. Via their space-saving mounting, we can guarantee the necessary safety functions. This also applies to communication with the drive controller.”

KEB manufactures three-phase motors from 0.12kW up to 45kW (or 13,000Nm). Each motor can be configured according to the needs of the application. A modular system allows customers to tailor their motor to the individual application. As Lehmann states: “This enables us to offer a wide range of products and to be flexible for our customers. In addition, we offer a ‘fast lane’ for urgent orders when the customer has specific time constraints.”

“The fast lane service is also made possible through the high vertical range of motor manufacture. From individual housings to turned parts, toothed components and assembly, everything takes place under one roof here in Schneeberg.”

In combination with KEB’s control systems and drive controllers, the motors form an optimised system for customers. The complete KEB portfolio of motors and gears includes the following:

  • Three-phase motors – robust work machines designed for use in a wide range of applications and are optionally available with a brake, encoder and forced ventilation, etc. They form the basis for the KEB-Drive selection software for industrial drive motor configuration.
  • Servo motors – high dynamics for speeds up to 8,000rpm and rated peak torques of at least 500% are the characteristic qualities of the DYNAMIC LINE permanent magnet servo motors. They are equipped with a robust resolver or a high resolution single or multi-turn absolute encoder for position feedback plus an optional holding brake.
  • Helical geared motors – high reliability, compact design and wide gear ratio.
  • Shaft mounted helical geared motors – the robust and durable construction of the KEB shaft mounted helical geared motor offers a combination of optimal performance and convenient mounting options.
  • Helical worm geared motors – with the upstream helical gear stage, the KEB helical worm geared motor combines high torque and low speed in a very compact design with lateral output.
  • Helical bevel geared motors – The highest performance levels, optimal efficiency factor, as well as a wide speed range make the KEB helical bevel geared motor an excellent choice for demanding applications.

For more information on KEB’s portfolio of motors and gears, please visit www.keb.co.uk