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Predictable performance

11 May 2018

The new FM502-CMS module from ABB allows precise and reliable real-time monitoring of machine or operation condition for increased plant availability and dependability.

Wear and tear, and spontaneous failures, occur by nature, so large benefits result if they can be avoided in critical parts of the process. Knowing the exact condition of your machinery offers transparency and allows you to plan your downtime or maintenance schedules in advance. Continuous on-line condition monitoring leads to more efficient machines with predictable performance and significant reductions in maintenance costs.

The FM502 module brings further flexibility and easy integration with all kinds of machinery systems. This flexibility also extends across different market segments and channels including OEM, service and retrofit applications. It can be used as stand-alone condition monitoring device or integrated into the machine or process control to build optimised, self-analysing automation solutions.

This enables you to perform condition monitoring, control, protection, safety and data logger functions with one controller, simultaneously. The fast data logger function also contributes to consistent high quality production, due to the possibility to combine control and production information directly.The condition monitoring system, which is based on the AC500 platform modularity, makes you instantly aware of wearing parts lo

ng before they cause low production quality or disruptions. This approach also protects against any machine faults, unforeseen, sudden damage, incorrect installation or unneccesary maintenance and wear. Less and no unscheduled downtime results in increased plant and machine availability and productivity.

For ease of use the module is also included in ABB Automation Builder, coming with configuration and documentation, libraries and example programs.