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Yokogawa joins Friends of the Supergrid

19 November 2012

Yokogawa has joined Friends of the Supergrid (FOSG), a group of companies and organisations with a mutual interest in promoting and influencing policy and establishing a regulatory framework that will enable the large-scale interconnection of renewable energy systems in Europe.

A supergrid is a large-scale electricity transmission system that utilises a high-voltage DC (HVDC) infrastructure to link renewable energy sources in remote locations with cities and other centres of consumption. Its implementation will involve the creation of 'supernodes' to collect and integrate renewable energy, and route it to the best available markets. 

FOSG comprises transmission system operators; power utilities; manufacturers of cables, turbines, and transmission and distribution systems; and project design and development organisations. 

FOSG has identified seven innovation trajectories which are required to deliver the supergrids in Europe. These call for the development of bigger wind turbines, HVDC transmission cables, supernodes, next-generation civil engineering, bigger construction vessels, bigger ports, and better information & communication technology (ICT).

It is within the last category of ICT development that Yokogawa will contribute its expertise, in areas including high-speed wireless communications, embedded systems engineering, wind-turbine control systems, and remote operations management.

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