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Auto-cushioning for optimal deceleration

19 June 2019

Camozzi Automation’s Series 23 pneumatic cylinders feature ‘auto-cushioning’, reducing installation and commissioning time, to provide a cost-effective alternative to manually adjustable cylinders.

The versatile, general-purpose cylinder is compliant to ISO 6432; its patented system automatically adjusting cushioning in order to provide optimal deceleration under every condition. The cylinder enjoys smooth, jolt-free movement over the entire cushioning phase, reducing vibrations and noise, while also guaranteeing higher reliability and constant performance over time.

The auto-cushioning system is based on the use of shaped sleeves that have a number of holes that are accurately positioned and precisely dimensioned. This enables the system to adapt to different combinations of speed and applied mass.

As manual adjustments are not required, commissioning times reduce accordingly, and the cylinder effectively becomes tamperproof. Series 23 is suitable for use in many industrial applications, especially where working conditions vary over time because of changes in dimensions or wear of the host machine or mechanism, including packaging, food processing, plastics and textiles.

Available in early July in diameters Ø16, 20 & 25mm and stroke lengths up to 1000mm, Series 23 offers magnetic piston as standard and has an operating pressure from 1-10 bar, within a temperature range from 0 to 80oC.