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Camozzi Automation scoops innovation award

07 December 2023

RECOGNISING THE company's groundbreaking innovations within the industrial automation sector, Camozzi Automation UK has been presented with the Industrial Innovation accolade at the Robotics & Automation Awards.

The Series D Valve Island, by Camozzi Automation, played a pivotal role in securing this recognition. Boasting Coilvision Technology and Industry 4.0 readiness, the Series D Valve Island sets new standards in industrial automation.

Camozzi Automation stands out as the sole pneumatic manufacturer among the nominees for this award. This achievement highlights the company's unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence within the market, reaffirming its steadfast commitment to, pushing the boundaries of technological advancement in the field of Industrial Automation.

The Series D Valve Island is an innovative valve system designed to deliver maximum flexibility and productivity across a wide range of industrial automation processes. With its single pneumatic and electrical subbases, the Series D Valve Island offers a simple and efficient solution for automating and controlling machines. This design makes it perfect for simplifying complex electro-pneumatic systems. It is available in both multipole and serial communication versions, and the Fieldbus module allows for seamless integration into the most advanced automation systems, making it a true Industry 4.0 solution.

CoilVision technology has been developed to constantly monitor the operating parameters of the solenoid that drives the spool within the Series D Valve Island. Each operation of the solenoid is monitored and analysed to give you a range of data and information which can be further processed by software algorithms to diagnose and predict the health stats of the component.