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Reduces single phase compressor start current by >50%

01 December 2020

CARLO GAVAZZI has introduced a new robust generation of RSBS Soft Starts. The RSBS range was the first soft starter on the market to perform a self-learning algorithm for smooth soft starting and stopping of pumps. This ensures optimal starts and stops even under different load conditions and minimises any vibrations.

The 3rd Generation RSBS compact single phase compressor offers operation current up to 32 AAC and can limit currents to 45 AACrms (under balanced conditions) and has a maximum ramp-up time of 600ms; reducing the compressor starting current by more than 50% which completely stops light flickering, tripping of fuses and stalling of generators due to reduced inrush.

During the ramp-up sequence the inbuilt HP mode (High Pressure) function automatically triggers after 250ms if the RSBS suspects the motor rotor is locked, the starting pressures are unbalanced or the voltage supply is very weak. The current is briefly ramped up to a maximum of 80A and then returns to nominal current values once the motor is running; all with under 1 second.

Easy to use as no user adjustments are required and the in-built HP function ensures that the compressor starts in <1 second, even with unequalised pressures during start-up; also included are integrated diagnostics for detection of voltage dips and interruptions as well as detection of welded relay contacts. The RSBS is rated for a maximum of 10 starts per hour (evenly distributed).

The improved, sturdy design of Generation 3 RSBS provides an extended product lifetime for scroll and piston compressors in applications such as HVAC, heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration and is CE, UL and EAC certified.