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Cobot palletising solution

01 May 2023

OMRON HAS launched a new palletising solution for collaborative robots, responding to the need for more flexible production processes whilst reducing programming time. The PLC-based cobot palletising solution is created on OMRON’s NX1 series modular machine controller that is equipped with a specialised Palletising Function Block.

Palletising solutions with collaborative robots can fit into small spaces and work safely side by side with people, without additional safety fencing, whilst relieving operators from heavy lifting and repetitive tasks. Cobot palletisers have therefore become more and more popular in many industries and end-of-line applications. OMRON's new cobot palletising solution simplifies and speeds up the programming of these applications.

The key functionalities of the solution, built on OMRON’s NX machine controller with a unique function block, include quick pallet pattern definition, easy step-by-step setup and calibration by teaching, as well as a comprehensive production dashboard. The flexibility of the solution enables easy expansion and integration of additional functionality.

The NX machine controller communicates directly with the cobot controller, and seamlessly handles the various input and output devices and tools needed for a palletising solution, such as a gripper, pillar, conveyor belt, safety components, sensors, and servo motors. This enables the complete sequencing to be performed from the PLC. The solution can be connected to a human machine interface for operation.