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Compact & versatile pull-wire switch

17 January 2022

THE SCHMERSAL Group has launched a new pull-wire switch that can be used as a signal generator to start machines, open electrically operated guard doors and gates and as a light switch in lift shafts.

Key benefits of the new PS216 switch are its compact dimensions and extreme versatility, enabled thanks to high degrees of protection under EN 60529 and suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures. 

Thanks to IP66 degree of protection, the PS216 pull-wire switch is protected against dust and strong water jets and thanks to IP67 degree of protection, is also protected against temporary submersion in water. The switch can be used in ambient temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C. 

Another practical benefit is that the PS216 operates according to the ‘start/stop principle’ in that it remains switched on after initial actuation and subsequent release. Only when the switch is actuated and released a second time is the latch released and the switch switched off.

The PS216 pull-wire switch comes in two versions – the Q200 has a holding force of 45 N and is suitable for wire lengths of up to 50 m, while the Q210 has a holding force of 70 N and can be used with wires stretching up to 100 m. Pulling on the pull wire actuates the switch function in the pull-wire switch.