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Safety laser scanner

04 March 2024

THE SCHMERSAL Group is now selling the UAM-05LP safety laser scanner from Japanese manufacturer Hokuyo in Europe, beginning with markets in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland.

The safety scanner is characterised by its extremely compact design and low weight, as well as its flexible integration options and high safety standards. This helps it to ensure maximum personal protection in logistics, manufacturing and the process industry.

Contactless protective devices, such as laser scanners, offer many benefits in the implementation of safety requirements. In contrast to guard fences and guard doors, there is no manual opening and closing requirement, and they do not impede materials transport. In addition, they also enable a clearer view of machinery and processes.

The UAM safety laser scanner handles presence control on stationary machinery and robot systems, with the UAM’s sensor utilising infrared beams to scan the environment and detect the entry of people and objects into the safety zone. This also allows the Hokuyo UAM to achieve a wide range: with a detection range of up to 270°, a safety clearance of up to 5 m and a warning detection area of 20 m, the laser scanner can be used in various machinery safety applications.

The laser scanner can be easily configured for a wide range of uses and also has the ability to monitor two hazardous areas at the same time, e.g. two adjacent robots. Each of the two safety zones switches its own OSSD output.

Furthermore, the safety laser scanner is also able to undertake access control as well as arm and hand protection for safety-critical areas in work zones, e.g. as part of insertion and assembly workflows.

Another advantage of the Hokuyo laser scanner is its encoder input: with the help of encoders, the speed and direction of travel of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are transferred to the laser scanner, so that the safety zones can be dynamically adjusted to stop the AGV in case of danger. The Hokuyo UAM-05LP is suitable for use in machinery safety applications up to PL d, Cat. 3 in accordance with EN ISO 13849 and SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 61508.