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Is Elesa becoming leader for castors and wheels?

16 February 2023

OVER THE years, Elesa has developed sophisticated, expertly designed castor and wheel product lines to accommodate for a number of industries. Explore the company's recent expansion.

Mobility in industrial environments is a factor that can significantly affect people’s health and safety in the workplace on the one hand and efficiency and productivity on the other. Offering solutions with high quality standards for the materials used and for the guarantees on performance and mechanical resistance is a necessary condition for satisfying the technical needs of the market.

But a diversified range, developed to respond to different sectors, from factory equipment to furniture, from the food industry to the medical, from the handling of heavy loads to "ESD protected" environments is certainly a strong point our customers can count on.

It is with these purposes in mind, that the range of ELESA industrial wheels expands and specializes more and more. Here below are the latest additions.

RE.F1 wheel is made of blue injected polyurethane with a technopolymer central body, available in diameters of 80 mm, 100 mm and 125 mm, dynamic carrying capacity from 750 N to 1800 N in the versions with fixed plate support or swivel in galvanized steel, with or without brake.

The reduced hardness of the coating (Shore A for the new RE.F1 against the Shore D of the bestseller RE.FF), makes it suitable for agile overcoming of obstacles, guaranteeing at the same time excellent rolling resistance and silence during handling as well as good tearing resistance. RE.F1 series is suitable for use in environments with the presence of atmospheric agents, alcohols and glycols, weak organic and mineral acids, water and saturated vapour.

RE.C6 castors for the general public with injected polyurethane coating and technopolymer central body are available with diameters of 40 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm and dynamic carrying capacity from 400 N to 700 N and can also be supplied with sheet metal steel supports for light loads (RE.C6-C) or as twin-castors (RE.C6-G).
The excellent resistance to frequent washing makes it suitable for environments where it is necessary to guarantee hygiene in institutional and industrial environments even in the presence of humidity and chemical agents.

RE.C7 castors for general use with anti-trace vulcanized rubber coating and central body in polypropylene-based (PP) technopolymer are available with diameters from 40 mm to 80 mm. The series is also supplied with zinc-plated steel fixed or turning plate bracket (RE.C7-C) or as twin-castors (RE.C7-G). Suitable for use in humid environments and in the presence of medium aggressive chemical agents.

Available with steel bracket for light loads (RE.F5-N-ESD) or for medium-heavy loads (RE.F5-H-ESD) with or without brake, RE.F5-ESD wheels offer a static load capacity up to 8000N. Executions with plate brackets allow for steering and locking as needed. Furthermore, these castors and wheels feature excellent rolling resistance and elasticity, high wear and tearing resistance.

Generally used on trolleys, they offer protection to sensitive electronic equipment and are therefore suitable for applications in "ESD- PROTECTED AREA" (EPA) where all components sensitive to electrostatic discharges must be treated with the minimum risk of damage.

ESD wheels offer maximum safety to the operator, allowing static electricity to discharge directly to the ground, thus avoiding static shocks through the individual. They find applications in the textile and packaging sectors.

Last, but not least, are the range extensions of standard polyurethane wheels and technopolymer monolithic wheels which are now available with stainless steel support in diameters of 150 and 200mm as well.