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Engineering stores efficiency survey

18 October 2023

ERIKS HAS launched the UK’s biggest ever research project into the subject of engineering stores. As part of the project ERIKS has created a survey for which it is encouraging participation from across industry.

Speaking about the project Paul Lynch, chief commercial officer said: “It doesn’t matter what role you have, if your job involves using, working within, purchasing for or being ultimately responsible for the profitability of a business that contains an engineering store then your feedback is vital.” 

For the first 200 surveys completed ERIKS will make a £25 donation to charity and survey respondents will also receive a free copy of the report so they can ascertain how they performed against their peers. 

Taking the survey is quick and easy and will only take about 15 minutes. The survey can be found at: https://eriks.co.uk/en/pages/Engineering-Stores-Survey/ 

The efficiency of engineering stores is an often-overlooked part of many a manufacturing or engineering businesses operation. While achieving world class levels in other areas it’s not uncommon for the stores area to be something of an untidy headache – causing problems for many and efficiently serving few.  
As well as the open survey ERIKS is also conducting in-depth interviews with its customers and sourcing feedback from industry thought leaders. The information will then be brought together in a report that will focus on the performance of engineering stores in more detail than anything produced previously.  

Commenting on the launch of the project Lynch said: “With the challenges affecting the global supply chain we believe there’s an opportunity for engineering stores and their operation to play a larger role than ever in the ability of businesses to meet their production, procurement and financial goals. But gathering wider insights is crucial in helping us understand the most recent challenges, trends, and preferences. By participating, people will contribute to the enhancement of industry practices and solutions.”