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Enhanced digital smart positioner

06 July 2020

Suitable for all markets, the new enhanced YT-3700 and YT-3750 digital smart positioners from Rotork can be used for both control and on/off valve applications where diagnostics are required.

The YT-3700 and YT-3750 pneumatic smart positioners employ continuous monitoring and graphic display of valve position, set point target over time and internal circuit board temperature over time.

With single and double-acting configurations available, they provide reliable control of pneumatic valve systems for linear and rotary applications.

Valve diagnostic information to NE107 standard is provided, with Hart® 7 communication protocol included as standard and a display for all settings and local device interaction. Commissioning can be handled locally without the need of an additional device, all indications are clear and simple to follow thanks to the clear visual identification on the local display and the four push buttons.

The enhanced diagnostic package offers position over time continuous monitoring, and graphical visualisation trough Device Description (DD) and Device Type Manager (DTM) files. Additionally, valve signature, advanced step tests and Partial Stroke Testing (PST) can be operated from local or remote positions. Auto-tuning functionality and non-contact sensor are included for high frequency operating valves and an enhanced lifetime.

The steady state deviation analysis that they provide can detect friction in the valve or actuator, leakage in pneumatics and instances where there is insufficient supply pressure. A deviation time out alarm occurs when the difference between the target position and the actual position exceeds the pre-set deviation alarm point (for more than the pre-set deviation time).

To match Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems for on-off applications, the YT-3700 range offers a full package of offline diagnostic tests include both valve signature and partial stroke test. All information can be stored on the device or downloaded for customer records.

The YT-3700 and YT-3750 are certified to ATEX/LEXIEX standards and can operate in temperatures as low as -55°C.