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Fast and reliable automated tyre inspection

12 January 2023

LEADING PROVDER of AI-powered car inspection, ProovStation and tyre manufacturer, Michelin have unveiled TireStation, the fast and reliable solution for automated tire inspection.

Simple yet versatile, TireStation is a turnkey tyre diagnosis solution for professionals with a wide range of advantages, for example, improved measurement reliability, easy to use, increased productivity and smoother customer service.

How does it work?

The vehicle is driven through a scanning and photographic system that provides key information:

  •         The automatic and magnetic measurement of the tread depth of the tyres thanks to the Michelin QuickScan stabs
  •         The dimensions and brands of the tyres thanks to the sidewall photography
  •         The vehicle's registration number.

Based on the data collected and powerful algorithms, an instant report is generated to show the tire wear and potential geometry vehicule issues. It can be used afterwards by the receptionist to suggest or anticipate any tyre operation, replacing or rotating tyres or even even adjusting alignment.  

Developed by the two experts since January 2022, TireStation is the fruit of a larger two-year partnership between the two leading players. Precisely, ProovStation's automatic car inspection solution has been enhanced with the Michelin QuickScan technology since 2020. Thanks to the integrated magnetic tyre scanner, automatic and instantaneous tyre control with millimeter precision is now possible, in less than 5 seconds.

Today, more than 130 stations equipped with the Michelin QuickScan solution are being installed for automotive factories (for end-of-line quality control), logistics companies, short- and long-term rental companies and reconditioning plants.