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Gearhead At Twice The Power

02 November 2012

When the GP 16 A planetary gearhead was first introduced it represented a milestone in gear technology due to its use of powder metallurgy.

Ceramic components are also used in the new GP 16 C from maxon motor, resulting in a longer life span and a doubling of the continuous torque.

The planetary gearhead with a 16mm diameter transmits up to 600mNm under continuous load and can achieve close to 1Nm for short durations – twice the values offered by the previous version, which can be almost entirely traced back to the ceramic axes. As demonstrated in more than a million cases, the high-tech, in- house manufactured ceramic components significantly improve the wear characteristics of critical components. This results in a longer service life, higher continuous torques, higher short- term torques, and higher input speeds. After the same amount of running time, ceramic axes show almost no signs of wear, while steel axes show a high degree of abrasion. Planetary gearheads with ceramic axes are said to offer significantly higher torques than those with steel axes. Stand 1-100