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IO-Link guard locking safety switch

02 February 2022

THE CTM transponder-coded safety switch from industrial safety engineering specialist Euchner features evaluation electronics, a bistable locking function and is capable of the control of guard locking via IO-Link communication. This future-proofs the device for Industry 4.0, says the company, and means no separate wiring is needed for the control of guard locking, because the existing communication connection is used.

Commenting, Euchner’s UK&I country manager David Dearden says: “As a safety device, the CTM is smart, compact, safe and features everything you need from a guard locking safety switch. However, the IO-Link version brings further benefits to the CTM range by adding the ability to lock and unlock the device over IO-Link communications, coupled with the comprehensive diagnostic data provided by the IO-Link protocol.”

The evaluation electronics integrated within the CTM allows for simpler wiring and a greater level of detection for connection faults, short-circuits and errors. Additionally, it allows the guard locking safety switch to be wired separately or in series whilst maintaining high levels of performance, up to and including Category 4/PLe according to BS EN ISO 13849-1 and BS EN ISO 14119, ensuring the highest safety level category despite the CTM’s compact size.

The bistable locking function can prevent the deactivation of the activated guard locking in case of a power failure, ensuring that guard locking remains in its current state if the power fails or the installation is switched off. It can also prevent personnel from unintentionally locking themselves inside a potentially unsafe area if the safety door is open in the case of power failure or if the machine is switched off, meaning no additional escape release is required.

The highly compact IO-Link version of the CTM is suitable for numerous safety applications including the protection of personnel and processes, with a hygienic version consisting exclusively of food-safe materials also available for the packaging and food sectors. Featuring a locking force of 1000N (and integral adhesive force of 25/50N) and an innovative safety ball actuator, the CTM is ideal for discreet installation on small, lightweight doors and flaps with a pivoting radius from 150mm.