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Modular safety door system

11 May 2022

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING specialist, Euchner, has employed a modular design to make the latest version of its Multifunctional Gate Box (MGB) safety door system – the MGB2 Modular – fully customisable for maximum optimisation.

Going beyond simply providing safety door protection, thanks to its modular design the MGB2 Modular lets users implement numerous additional functions including locking modules, extension modules and submodules.

Following the company's market firsts in PROFINET and EtherNet/IP connection, the new MBM bus module from Euchner is available in a version that connects to EtherCAT P, which means that every function of the MGB2 Modular can also be used with EtherCAT P.

The MBM bus module coordinates all the safety, non-safety and diagnostic communication signals between the fieldbus system and MGB2 Modular system components – connected to the MBM directly or via M12 standard cables – with the MGB2 Modular connection technology able to operate up to six locking modules on one MBM bus module for communicating both safety and control signals. Besides fewer devices, the user also requires less on-machine cabling and PLC I/Os, ultimately saving on costly failsafe PLC capacity in the control system.

The locking modules can be equipped with controls including pushbuttons, selector switches, key-operated rotary switches or emergency stop buttons. Submodules allow up to six different control elements in the locking module, with add-on expansion modules available where additional user-controls are required, eliminating the need for separate localised operator control stations and their associated costs and complexities.

Comprehensive diagnostic information in the form of EtherCAT messages and the integrated web server provide a rapid and detailed overview of the device status without having to have specialist software or programming knowledge; and straightforward parameter assignment means that even system replacement during servicing is a simple task requiring only a few minutes to complete.