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Installation-ready for simple integration

14 August 2023

Assembling complex modular connectors involves integrating a wide variety of cables and leads, often requiring technical know-how and specialist assembly tools. Hitesh Bharti looks at an alternative

WHEN IT comes to complex modular connectors, depending on the complexity of the interface, cables may be required for power supply, signal and data lines, optical fiber cables, hoses for compressed air and fluids, and coaxial cables, together with their associated individual connectors. In a scenario such as this, the customer not only has to identify and procure all the cables, but also assemble them correctly, requiring a significant investment in time, in addition to the original component costs, before being able to use the connector.

An efficient and effective alternative solution can be found in the form of Stäubli’s CombiTac, a modular connector system that offers a comprehensive range of module types. An intuitive online configurator makes it easy for customers to select and combine individual modules to create complex hybrid connectors, which are fully configured to meet their individual application requirements.

These installation-ready system solutions simplify integration and drive down costs over the long term. Customers save time during the installation phase, and benefit from problem-free functionality and reduced maintenance resulting from the high levels of quality and reliability inherent in all Stäubli products. CombiTac modular connector solutions mitigate the risk of the financial implications associated with unscheduled production downtime by increasing process reliability. A further benefit is the fact that CombiTac technology does not require specially trained staff or specialist tools to assemble and install the interfaces.

Stäubli Electrical Connectors also offers pre-assembled modular connector solutions. Using fully automated cable assembly, ready-to-use connectors, configured to individual specifications and tested prior to dispatch are delivered direct to the customer.

Robust assemblies for high-performance batteries

Technology leader AKASOL, based in Darmstadt Germany, develops, and manufactures an impressive range of innovative, modular high-performance battery systems for electric and hybrid utility vehicles. International vehicle manufacturers depend upon the company’s reliable and scalable batteries.

In a collaboration with AKASOL, Stäubli configured a solution for a high-performance, modular OEM battery system based on the CombiTac system. The solution transmits current flow and data signals between individual battery modules and onto the power electronics, with the OEM customer’s connection specifications implemented in the pre-assembled cables. The configuration of this solution makes it possible to work on the battery at zero voltage by simply unplugging the power unit from the battery. AKASOL’s customers benefit from Stäubli’s safe connector solution within these high-performance battery systems which guarantees extensive lifecycle, fail-safe electric vehicle operation, and the highest level of safety for maintenance personnel.

Failsafe connections for AGVs

Stäubli’s WFT M.I.T automated guided vehicles provide 360° maneuverability, which requires a flexible yet fail-safe connection for energy transmission to the drive axles. This is achieved using a CombiTac solution, with pre-assembled wiring harnesses of various lengths. This system configuration reduces installation times and eliminates sources of error during the assembly process. The cable lengths required can vary from around 50 cm (18 inches) to over 12 m (39 feet) from one design to the next.

Hitesh Bharti is director - electrical connectors, UK and Ireland at Stäubli


Key Points

  • Stäubli’s CombiTac  modular connector system offers a comprehensive range of module types and an online conffigurator
  • The system does not require specially trained staff or specialist tools to assemble and install the interfaces
  • Stäubli has configured a solution for a high-performance, modular OEM battery system based on the CombiTac system