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Clean-break coupling

19 May 2015

New from Stäubli is a range of clean break, flat face, connectors that are suitable for all fluids, fully compatible with the well-known SCB range but much easier to connect.

The innovative connector design used by Stäubli in the NCB series has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the connection force required, reduced by up to 50% in some cases. This is a feature that is particularly useful where one handed operation is needed or making connections in difficult to reach locations or where numerous connections are required each day.

The new NCB is also much lighter, typically between 20% and 30% lighter than the SCB equivalent. It is also more compact, a useful feature in the production environment where space is always at a premium. The high quality surface finish and systematic electrolytic polishing in the fluid stream results in a bore that can be cleaned easily and efficiently.

There is a choice of three types of locking system; ball locking is the standard option with screw locking for higher pressures; a further option is a safety locking mechanism which provides visual identification on the outside of the connector showing if it is locked or unlocked. To disconnect the safety locking mechanism the socket sleeve has to be turned to the unlock position which then allows the sleeve to be pulled back to disconnect.