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Intelligent Biogas Analysers Control Desulphurisation

01 November 2012

Control and instrumentation specialist Allison Engineering has made a sophisticated biogas analyser available, which is capable of automatically controlling micro- biological desulphurisation, without any human input, 24/7, and at what is reported to be, significantly lower cost.

For use in Anaerobic Digestion power generation applications, the Awi-Flex multi-function biogas analyser is supplied with a small air compressor which regulates air injection to the digester (above the sludge level) to between 0.5 to 1% volume and breaks down the H2s to less harmful elemental sulphur and water. By accurately measuring the O2 and H2s in the biogas and using a combination of PI and fuzzy logic control, H2s levels can be reduced by up to 80%.

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the Awi-Flex analyser is established as the market leader for biogas analysis on AD applications with thousands of units installed in Germany. It is designed to provide measurement for CH4, CO2, H2S, O2 and H2, with up to 5 measuring points. It features an integral rugged PC interface which enables easy access to recorded data, sensor parameters and system diagnostics, with 4-20/Profibus/Ethernet communications.