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Measure distances with micrometre precision

07 December 2023

MEASURING THE distance to even tiny targets with extreme precision is no problem for laser photoelectric sensors in the new OMH range from ifm electronic.

Compact, robust and easy to install, this innovative range of sensors includes models with a resolution of 0.01mm (10µm) at a distance of up to 80mm, making them eminently suitable for use in quality control applications to spot tiny defects, and for the detection of very small components.

All OMH sensors offer three operating modes, including a speed mode that provides output frequencies up to 1200Hz. This mode is particularly useful, for example, when counting small components passing the sensor at high speed on a conveyor. Also available is power mode, which optimises performance with challenging targets that are difficult for other types of distance sensors to detect.

To provide maximum versatility, OMH sensors are offered in six versions: the OMH550 and OMH551 have a measuring range of 30 to 80mm and a precision of 0.01mm, the OMH552 and OMH553 have a range of 50 to 200 mm and a precision of 0.05mm, while the OMH554 and OMH555 have a range of 50 to 500mm and a precision of 0.5mm. All sensors within the range are IO-Link enabled, which provides secure and accurate transmission of data even under challenging conditions. Even numbered versions have two digital outputs, while odd numbered versions have one digital output and one analogue output.

All versions have an operating temperature range of 0 to 50ºC and an IP67 ingress protection rating, making them suitable for use in virtually all industrial environments. As an aid to mounting, an angle bracket is available as an optional extra.