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Cutting the cost of precision distance measurement

23 February 2024

WITH THE new P|Prox range of inductive distance sensors from ifm electronic, reliably measuring the distance to metallic targets with micrometre precision no longer requires expensive measuring systems.

P|Prox sensors, which have familiar cylindrical bodies similar to those of conventional inductive proximity sensors, are easy to install, easy to set up, and, thanks to their IO-Link communication, easy to interface with almost any type of control system.

P|Prox sensors are factory calibrated and ready to use out of the box. They can be relied on to deliver accurate, repeatable results, continuously outputting distance-to-target data via IO-Link. When the highest precision is required, simple one-point calibration, or even more accurate three-point calibration is possible. In all cases, the results are completely unaffected by the type of target metal.

To ensure suitability for the widest possible range of applications, P|Prox sensors have an IP69K ingress protection rating and an operating temperature range of -25 to +70ºC. They are available in flush and non-flush mounting versions with 60 mm long industry standard M12, M18 and M30 threaded stainless-steel housings. All types are resistant to the effects of external magnetic fields, and all incorporate four LEDs for local status indication.

The measuring range of ifm’s P|Prox inductive distance sensors depends on the model, with flush-mount M12 versions, for example, having a range of 0.2 to 2mm and non-flush M30 types having a range of 1.5 to 15 mm. All types use IO-Link COM2 transmission mode and have a minimum process cycle time of 3.2ms.