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Multi-norm power supply components white paper

25 February 2020

Murrelektronik has released a new White Paper on multi-norm power supply components. With accompanying Eplan circuit examples, the paper provides a solution for cross-standard (EN/IEC & UL/CSA) and standardised DC control circuits.

Murrelektronik discusses the worldwide variations in control circuit requirements and presents one control circuit solution that can be used in all machines and systems worldwide. All products follow a uniform design and have the international standards, approvals and certifications required.

The paper is of particular interest to companies that export a large number of machines to international markets and have to create different concepts for control cabinet power supplies.

The white paper offers advice on selecting using different products depending on the target market, eliminating the need for various wiring concepts and/or using different methods to safeguard the main voltage, as well as advice on complying with different international standards and specifications.

The main advantage of the multi norm power supply concept is the reduction in the number of different products needed; a one system approach means reduced engineering time and NEC Class 2 circuits reduce approval time and control circuits to a minimum. 

To find out more download the white paper and Eplan Circuit diagrams here https://www.murrelektronik.com/highlights/multi-norm-power-supplies/