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NNAISENSE demonstrates power of AI via new website

06 August 2020

Most successful applications of Artificial Intelligence have been confined to the virtual world, and while many problems can be solved in this setting, NNAISENSE has made significant progress in terms of bringing the true potential of this technology out into the real world – particularly in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

To better showcase these unique achievements, and to demonstrate how AI in the real world can create significant opportunities for businesses, NNAISENSE has launched its brand new website, https://nnaisense.com/

NNAISENSE was formed in 2014 in order to build large-scale neural network solutions for industrial process inspection, modelling, and control. The company began as an outgrowth of the internationally renowned Swiss AI institute, IDSIA, headed by Dr. Jürgen Schmidhuber, which since the early 90s has been at the forefront of the key scientific breakthroughs in artificial neural networks, deep learning, reinforcement learning, artificial evolution and general purpose AI. Today, its focus is on delivering custom AI solutions to industrial partners that draw on both historic and ongoing research to add true value to real world applications.

Faustino Gomez, CEO at NNAISENSE, commented: “The launch of our new website is an extremely important step for NNAISENSE, as it provides a platform for us to visually demonstrate the benefits we can deliver in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Conveying to potential customers the impact AI can have in terms of intelligent automation, and how that can feed directly into areas such as higher throughput, increased efficiency, waste reduction and consistency of quality, is vital.”

Examples of NNAISENSE technology in the real world

Specialty glass manufacturer SCHOTT AG gains completely new insights into its production process using NNAISENSE AI technology. The company operates large tanks that melt glass at more than 1600°C. By evaluating the large amounts of data generated through SCHOTT’s high-end sensor technology situated in the tanks, neural networks help the operators to maintain optimal conditions – a perfect example of NNAISENSE’s value-add for industrial manufacturing.

In the sustainable energy sector, NNAISENSE has partnered with Swiss Company Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories – a pioneer in UAV technology for wind turbine blade inspection. Working in collaboration, NNAISENSE is enabling damage to be detected automatically based on Sulzer & Schmid’s industry-leading image acquisition methodology via what is expected to be the industry’s most powerful AI engine. As a result, blade experts can concentrate their attention on areas of concern that are pre-selected and highlighted by the AI, dramatically reducing the time it takes to inspect a turbine.

Visitors to the site will also be able to learn more about NNAISENSE’s work with Electro Optical Systems GmbH (EOS), the innovation leader in Additive Manufacturing (AM). In an industry that is expected to reach $36bn in revenues by 2027, there is huge untapped potential where functional metal parts are concerned. Through partnering with NNAISENSE, EOS has been able to model the laser metal sintering process, leading to higher throughput, increased quality and reduced waste.

“We have proven use cases in real world applications that we can share directly with visitors to our new site,” adds Faustino Gomez, “and myself and the team are always happy to go into detail via the various communication channels available to us at present.”