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New GAMBICA Board member

27 July 2023

THE GAMBICA Board has welcomed another member, newly appointed Industrial Automation Council Chair, Martyn Williams. Martyn Williams, who is managing director of COPA-DATA UK, will represent the IA sector on the main GAMBICA Board.

Williams plans to focus on tackling the skills shortage and promoting STEM during his time on the Board. He said: “The skills shortage continues to be one of engineering’s biggest challenges. I believe that improving engagement with young people is crucial to fixing this.

“To meet the needs of industry, we need to start building the next generation of engineering leaders. Naturally, this needs to start in education, but we also have a responsibility as business leaders to engage with young people and provide mentorship. I’m a STEM ambassador for this exact reason.”

Steve Brambley, GAMBICA chief executive, said: “I’m really pleased to welcome Martyn to the GAMBICA Board – he not only represents the Industrial Automation sector but brings his experience of running a software business, adding to the range of companies around the table.”

GAMBICA is governed by its Board of Directors who are responsible for overseeing the organisation’s activities. The Board is formed of individuals within the membership, all of whom actively input into the organisation’s culture, strategic focus, effectiveness, and financial sustainability, as well as serving as ambassadors and advocates.