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Home>DRIVES & MOTORS>AC Drives>Updated installation guide for power drive systems
Home>DRIVES & MOTORS>AC Motors>Updated installation guide for power drive systems
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Updated installation guide for power drive systems

19 November 2012

The operation of a drive system is dependent on satisfactory installation, which must also comply with the appropriate EU Directives and local regulations. To aid in achieving this, GAMBICA and REMA have updated their joint publication titled ‘Installation Guidelines for Power Drive Systems’.


Offering an authoritative guide on best practice for the installation of Power Drive Systems, the publication is available for free as a download from the GAMBICA website. Each section in the report covers the requirements for a different part of a power drive system, to assist specifiers and purchasers from specification to installation and commissioning.

The new document is the result of a study carried out by GAMBICA and REMA, taking note of well-established fundamental theory and technical papers and also incorporating the results of specific investigations carried out as part of the process. It principally considers the aspects of safe mechanical and electrical installation and the avoidance of EMC problems.

"This is the 4th Edition of the Technical Guide, with updates on power drive systems including the drive, motor and load, together with cabling, site considerations, circuit protection, earthing and harmonics,” said Steve Brambley, deputy director of GAMBICA and convener of the organisation’s variable speed drive (VSD) group.

"Power Drive Systems is an IEC term which covers the VSD, motor and sensors used for feedback control information to the drive, as well as auxiliary parts like filtering and protection. The technical guide has now evolved into a comprehensive treatise for engineers and installers, giving them a VSD manufacturer’s perspective on best practice for installation.

"Since the 3rd Edition in December 2006, it has been updated with reference to current legislation, regulations and standards, and with new sections on earth loop impedance testing, bearings and power conditioning, as well as an updated section on transformers.” 

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