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Compact modular distribution blocks with lateral Push-in connection

18 May 2022

THE NEW PTVFIX distribution blocks from Phoenix Contact are a combination of the PTFIX distribution block system and the PTV series with vertical conductor connection.

The lateral Push-in connection features great advantages, in particular where space is limited. The small size and the modular compatibility of the distribution block system is also an advantage. The right mounting option is available for all applications. The range of versions include base blocks without a pre-assembled mounting option, as well as with horizontal and vertical mounting options for the NS35 DIN rail, and adhesive versions.

The new PTVFIX product program includes distribution blocks with 6, 12, and 18 connections, each 2.5 mm². As an option, they are also available with a 6 mm² feed-in contact.

This means that the distribution blocks are an alternative to the terminal blocks with lateral screw connection that are used in applications throughout the world. The marking on these blocks is also clearer and easier to read. With the Push-in connection, the conductors are contacted immediately and without tools. The special contact spring allows easy insertion and guarantees a high level of contact quality.