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Powerful Performance For Midrange Applications

01 November 2012

Expanding on the scalability of the Allen-Bradley Logix family of controllers – the control platform of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture – the new Allen-Bradley L1, L2 and L3 CompactLogix programmable automation controllers (PACs) are designed to provide a powerful, scalable Logix-based solution for small and mid-size applications.

At the heart of the next-generation midrange product offering is the controller family, which is designed to meet the growing need for higher performance control in a compact, affordable package. They are posit- ioned in the middle of the company’s comprehensive PAC offering between the smaller Micro800 standalone control platform and the more powerful Integrated Architecture based ControlLogix PACs.

As part of the Integrated Architecture solution, they give users a scalable choice of options and leverage a common, single- development environment for multiple control disciplines, offering the same information capabilities as all Logix controllers.

Utilising EtherNet/IP, the controllers are available with dual Ethernet ports and an integrated Ethernet switch on all units. These controllers also support Device Level Ring (DLR) network topologies; simplifying integration of components in a control system and reducing system cost. This arrangement provides resilience to loss of one network connection and reduces the number of Ethernet switches in the control system.