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Production reconfigured to help produce ventilators

24 March 2020

Supporting the UK government’s call for help for manufacturers to assist in the production of life-saving ventilators, composites and advanced materials precision slitting company Bindatex has reconfigured its facilities to begin die-cutting discs for filters to be used in ventilators.

At present, Bindatex is working with customers, manufacturing the parts, but is also able to support other manufacturers by providing the filters.

The company has also brought in emergency plans in order to maintain high levels of health and safety for employees during this pandemic. Bindatex has already made urgent changes to processes in response to government advice to minimise the risk of infection and reduce impact on production.

While  Bindatex has pledged a section of its workforce, production capacity and machinery to the production of ventilators to fight this virus, the company is still delivering for its usual customers by increasing its production rate.

Chris Lever, managing director of Bindatex commented: “As production ramps up for the essential parts for these ventilators, we have added extra capacity to fulfil current orders whilst this emergency work continues. We will continue to support manufacturing of ventilators during these unprecedented times.”