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Unlocking the potential of modular enclosure systems

15 November 2023

IN THE REALM of industrial operations, the pivotal roles played by panels and switchgear highlight the need for innovative solutions that not only meet rigorous standards but also offer unparalleled functionality.

The recent acquisition of CUBIC, a leading Danish company specialising in modular systems for electrical panel construction, by Rockwell Automation has ignited enthusiasm in the panel-building sector. But what factors contribute to the widespread acclaim of this partnership?

The CUBIC flexible modular concept, combined with Rockwell Automation's intelligent devices, accelerates the time to market for new solutions. It has been designed to revolutionise the way industrial setups approach panel construction and electrical systems.

The modular nature of this system puts the power of choice in your hands when it comes to selecting electrical components. The adaptability in terms of width, height, and depth ensures that each panel can be meticulously designed to suit its specific installation location, while also allowing for easy modification or extension.

The versatility of CUBIC modular enclosures empowers you to customise your enclosures to precisely match the unique requirements of your applications. Whether contending with distinctive panel configurations, navigating evolving regulations, or expanding your operations, CUBIC modular enclosures seamlessly adjust to your needs. Moreover, these enclosures are IEC-rated, guaranteeing compliance with international safety and performance standards.

In the pursuit of maintaining a competitive edge, manufacturers are seeking solutions that save valuable time and resources. A modular enclosure not only offers ease of assembly but also ensures compliance with international standards, making efficiency and competitiveness achievable.

To assist you in navigating the intricacies of the industrial realm, Rockwell Automation provides a comprehensive ebook that offers valuable insights into how CUBIC modular enclosures can elevate your operations and keep you ahead of industry trends.

For access to the ebook and to delve deeper into the world of CUBIC modular enclosures, please visit: www.rockwellautomation.com