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Precision Speed Control Solution

14 March 2013

For certain plant and machinery automation applications, where precision speed feedback control is required for large diameter drive shafts or where a large aperture through a rotating machine is desirable, Leine and Linde’s new 2000 series bearing-less optical encoders can provide a neat solution.

Available in the UK from Mclennan Servo Supplies, the encoder can be used on shaft diameters up to 1m, and with a radial air gap requirement of up to 2.6 mm between the ring and the separate measuring head, it can accommodate large shaft run- out as well as high levels of shock and vibration.

The construction of the ring, which is supplied in sections that are precision clamped around the shaft, facilitates straightforward assembly on the machine. The separate encoder ring segments can be fixed by face mounting to a flange with axial screws or with a special ‘ClampFit’ solution that automatically tightens the complete ring encoder around the mating shaft without the need for a flange. With both assembly methods performed in-situ, there is no need for complex assembly and the ClampFit method particularly suits retrofitting precision speed control on existing machinery.