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Single switch, maximum flexibility

30 August 2022

INDUSTIAL SAFETY engineering specialist Euchner will use PPMA Total to launch two new products – the Industry 4.0 Ready CTS safety switch and CKS2 coded key system – and showcase its extensive range of guard locking products available for common fieldbus connections.

The all-new, one-fits-all CTS is Euchner’s first FlexFunction device and expands the company’s product range by sitting between the all-round CTP and specialist CTM safety switch solutions, by combining the best of both worlds in a single switch while offering maximum flexibility. A key innovation of the compact CTS – which is IO-Link compatible and Industry 4.0 ready – is the company’s new FlexFunction feature that, by using the transponder-coded actuator to determine the switch’s function, allows a single device to perform a wide variety of functions that would otherwise require several switch variants. Its compact dimensions, high locking force of 3,900N and suitability to mount in three orientations ensures the CTS is suitable for use across numerous safety engineering applications.

Combined with highly-coded, transponder-based keys, the new CKS2 from Euchner forms a safe system that meets the highest safety requirements for machine and installation lockout and starting. Thanks to the integrated evaluation electronics and depending on the key used, various safety engineering tasks are possible with the compact CKS2 key system. Additionally, combining it with Euchner’s IO-Link Gateways expands its applications and enables comprehensive diagnostic and communication functions.

Unlike the CKS, the CKS2 can be integrated as a module within Euchner’s Multifunction Gate Box MGB2, expanding the functionality of the simple door interlocking solution to a small control terminal with access control.

Commenting, Euchner’s UK&I country manager, David Dearden says: “The combination of MGB2 and CKS2 can be used across multiple sectors and for numerous applications to ensure process efficiency, create access rights flexibility, increase personnel and process safety, safeguard product quality and create transparency and traceability.”

The MGB2 is a unique interlocking or guard locking system for the protection of safety doors on machines and systems that, thanks to its modular approach, is more than simply a safety switch or bolt and offers a vast array of safety functionality. By incorporating additional safety modules to the MGB2, machine builders can include numerous functions, including guard locking, escape release, start/stop, emergency stop, etc. Its modular design also means the MGB2 can remove the additional need for a separate operator panel. And with networking opportunities available, it also reduces wiring and installation time. Stand E68