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High Function Decentralised Frequency Inverters

14 March 2013

Although geared motors with integrally mounted frequency inverters have been available for years, many have a limited functional range.

However, NORD Drivesystems equips its SK 200E inverters, which are available for installation near the motor or as motor-integrated models, with the same wide functional range as the centralised SK 500E series of cabinet-installed inverters.

The decentralised frequency inverters have an overload capacity of 200% and enable users to position the drive with high precision. The relative positions (incremental or endless axes) or absolute values (rotary tables / fixed, repeatable positions) can be controlled with binary values through the SK 200E’s inputs and stored within the drive. Alternatively, they can be set via a fieldbus system. Positions can be detected via incremental encoders (an onboard referencing function is included in the inverters' basic equipment), or position values provided by a CANopen absolute encoder may be directly imported. Configuration is easy, fast, and concise – with only a few parameters needing to be set for commissioning and optimisation.

The encoder signals can also be used for speed control, which enables high levels of dynamic performance from asynchronous motors. This approach has provided a viable alternative to servo drives in, for example, palletisers (see video linked via QR code).