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Stand-alone enclosures

15 March 2021

BAYING ENCLOSURES are frequently employed for free-standing use cases – but are not always the best approach. The advantages of stand-alone products such as the Rittal VX SE have often been overlooked.

Midway between Rittal AX compact enclosures and the VX25 baying portfolio, the VX SE offers quicker time-to-delivery and faster, simpler assembly, greater safety and compatibility with other Rittal systems. The VX SE range also includes a 300mm deep version that is suitable for cramped environments for building services, e.g. when deployed as a distribution box.

If enclosures are to be used as stand-alone solutions, then free-standing products such as the new VX SE from Rittal offer significant benefits compared to baying systems. It can be used in many areas of industry and in building services management. Typical fields of application are in compact machinery and equipment and their power distribution and automation components, which can be accommodated in a single enclosure.

In contrast to baying enclosures with a frame and removable side panels, the free-standing enclosure has an all-in-one body made from a single piece of steel sheet or stainless steel. The side panels and roof are solid; therefore fewer components are required, and ordering and assembly are far easier and quicker. As the side panels, roof and frame are conductively connected, no additional earthing to the frame is required, delivering a further time saving.

Safe: As there are no gaps between side panels, roof and frame, dirt and dust cannot collect, enhancing safety. The basic version of the VX SE has an IP 55 protection rating, IK 10 impact protection, automatic potential equalisation, high strength and stability on account of exceptionally high torsional rigidity, plus 1.5 tonne load capacity. For challenging environments, the Rittal free-standing enclosure is optionally available with IP 66 and NEMA 4/4x protection. Integrated gland plates within the base simplify cabling, even in extremely component-dense enclosures, and ensure that preparatory tasks for cabling can be performed ergonomically.

Simple: The use of the VX SE free-standing enclosure with a width of up to 1,800 mm offers panel builders significant potential for savings. For instance, it can replace small baying combinations of up to three enclosures. There is then no need for seals, baying accessories, mounting-plate infills or multiple bases/plinths – simultaneously eliminating the corresponding workload for assembly and installation.

Compatible: To retain the benefits of the VX25 baying system in terms of installation of interior components, Rittal has made its new free-standing enclosure VX25-compatible. Panel builders who transition to the VX SE therefore do not have to make major adjustments in terms of engineering, assembly or component installation – everything remains the same. As the profile at the base of the VX SE is identical to that of the VX25, VX accessories for the base, such as gland plates and cable clamp rails, can be transferred and installed with ease. VX-wide compatibility for interior components is made possible by adaptor rails. This allows the easy installation of, e.g. VX25 punched sections, rail systems and partial mounting plates into the VX SE. As a result, it is possible to combine VX SE with any VX25 accessories. Consequently, panel builders do not require special accessories for installation of interior components in the free-standing enclosure. Instead, they can simply make use of existing components from the baying product portfolio.

Versatile: For use with building services (heating/cooling/ventilation), Rittal offers the VX SE in a version that is 300mm deep. Product benefits include diverse possibilities for the installation of interior components, flexible cabling options thanks to the new, modular cabling system, and rapid, customer-specific, modifications, such as cutouts.