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Voice coil motors

25 February 2020

Precision motion specialist INMOCO has added the Juke Series voice coil motor from the American manufacturer Celera Motion to its portfolio of high performance drives and actuators.

The Juke Series motors are designed to enable OEMs to move light payloads with high acceleration and dynamic motion profiles. They offer smooth jitter-free motion, short settling times and accurate positioning. Formats available include both round-bodied and flat bodied designs, and moving magnet and moving coil configurations. Typical fields of application include the manufacture of semiconductors and focusing of precision optical systems.

To aid simple installation, commissioning the motors do not require commutation, a feature which simplifies wiring and increases system reliability in use. This helps make them compact and enables easy integration into lightweight precision assemblies.

As a simple two wire device, the Juke Series motor can be controlled with readily-available amplifiers and PID controllers. Coupled with precision encoders of 5 nanometre resolution, they are able to offer positioning to an accuracy of 1 micron. With a footprint of only 13 x 11.8 mm, plus flexible mounting and cabling options, they are easy to integrate into host machinery such as small linear stages.

The round-bodied motors offer a peak force of 5-46 N, stroke of 22-40 mm and continuous power of 3-18 Watts; physical dimensions are 19-32 mm wide by 25-38 mm long. The flat-bodied counterparts provide 8-175 N peak force, 6-20 mm stroke and 25-25 Watts continuous power from a unit 55-140 mm wide by 40-120 mm long. For both types of Juke motors, when paired with a precision encoder, resolution of 5 nanometres, accuracy of 1 micrometre and repeatability of 1 nanometre are achievable.

Available in standard sizes and formats, custom solutions can also be developed to match specific application requirements.