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Radwell International manufactures foot operated door opener to combat COVID-19 spread

04 May 2020

Newcastle-under-Lyme based Radwell International have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic with an innovative product that is helping their customers to avoid hand to surface cross-contamination and keep their employees safe.

The foot operated sanitary door opener was the idea of a Radwell engineer who designed and manufactured an aluminium prototype on a CNC machine. Now in full development and available from Radwell’s 9 global locations ‘The RadStep 2020’ is helping essential businesses such as manufacturers and food processors to avoid the spread of COVID-19 at their facilities.

The new product is light, easy to fit and works with both left and right opening doors with the objective of improving hygiene levels and reducing sickness. Together with adapting their business model to fit the current situation Radwell have also donated protective equipment including face masks to several hospitals and health care facilities. 

Martin Thomas, European Marketing Manager said: "The RadStep is fitted to the bottom of a door and operated by foot which drastically reduces the chance of transmitting the virus. It is vital that our essential workforce stays healthy and The RadStep is just one example of the innovation we are seeing around the world to combat the pandemic. Radwell remains open and is an essential business, working with their customers to ensure automation equipment is running 24/7 by supplying key components and repairing parts that keep production lines running."