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New servo drive increases control potential for Ethernet-based networks

12 July 2019

Control Techniques has increased the scope of its award-winning motion control portfolio by releasing three new additional products: an Ethernet-onboard model of its latest generation Digitax HD servo drive range for easy integration with Siemens and Rockwell PLCs, a DC bus connected capacitor share module for greater system flexibility and Active Front End (AFE) kits for enhanced energy efficiency.

Digitax M750 Ethernet enabled automation drive

The new Digitax M750 is a network servo drive that supports Profinet RT, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP on the same onboard Ethernet switch, allowing for easy integration of its high-performance motor control in any automation ecosystem. Digitax HD M750’s motion capability includes 300% peak overload, 62 µs current loop and 16 kHz switching frequency as well as onboard advanced motion controller for distributed 1.5 axis motion and synchronised peer-to-peer communication over Ethernet.

With ratings between 0.7 Nm – 51 Nm with 153 Nm peak, and between 1.5 A – 16 A with 48 A peak, minimum size is also a key benefit: the drive is just 40mm wide with five drives fitting within the footprint of an A4 sheet of paper. Digitax HD M750 Ethernet fits into a cabinet just 200 mm deep and cabinet height is reduced by the patented Ultraflow system, which expels heat directly outside the cabinet reducing the required clearance between drive rows.

The Digitax HD drives are part of a drive-motor package and the Unimotor HD is a high dynamic AC brushless servo motor, optimised in their compatibility. With a wide torque range, from 0.72 Nm up to 85 Nm with 255 Nm peak, rated speeds from 1,000 to 6,000 rpm, several inertia levels and a broad selection of feedback options, Unimotor HD is the leading servo motor for high dynamic applications.

M75C CapShare capacitor module

The Digitax HD series is highly flexible in its configuration and can operate both standalone or as part of a modular common DC bus system. The multi-axis capabilities have been greatly enhanced through a new bus connected capacitor module which can be used in several ways:

  • It provides an abundance of ready energy to enable a faster current rise time in the motor. This allows a more dynamic acceleration and deceleration response from the servo drive.
  • It provides greater system resilience in applications where the quality of the power supply can be problematic.
  • It can be part of a system approach to provide controlled stopping in case of a total power supply loss.
  • It reduces DC bus ripple and so can be used to enhance the drive ratings in single phase applications.

Active front end (AFE) kits

AFE kits are now available to provide additional filtering that enable an M750 drive to operate as a power supply/regen module to generate a DC bus and return excess mechanical energy back to the mains power supply.  The AFE module may be connected to either a single motoring axis or a multi-axis DC bus connected system. The key benefits are reduced energy consumption and reduced power supply harmonics.