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Terminal cover factory fitted as standard

18 July 2024

AS PART of Nidec Drives’ commitment to drive development, the Control Techniques Commander S now comes with a terminal cover, factory fitted as standard.

When installing the drive, the user is free to decide whether to replace the cover after wiring or leave the cover off, allowing for instant access to the terminals. Either way Commander S offers you the same great benefits.

The new terminal cover is a purely cosmetic addition, with the performance, quality, and protection level of Commander S remaining unchanged. The drive is rated at IP20 with or without the cover fitted, as Commander S’s power and relay screw terminals are completely finger-proof.

The new terminal cover features a convenient label on the reverse side with 10 fast start parameters, making it easy to set up the drive manually, when not using the Marshal App or Connect PC tool.

The cover is also available as an accessory from your local supplier for any existing drive installations.

Commander S

Commander S provides a solution for applications that require plug-and-play control convenience straight from the box. It’s easy to install, easy to use, reliable, cost-effective and carries the free 5-year warranty, as do all Nidec Drives’ general purpose drives.

Commander S is the first drive to come with an app interface as a standard feature at no extra cost. Marshal revolutionises how the user interfaces with the drive covering commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics and support.

Available in 3 frame sizes with a power range of 0.18 to 4kW (0.25 to 5hp), Commander S meets the energy efficiency requirements set by the EU Ecodesign regulation.