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Multi-turn absolute encoder with EtherCAT

07 June 2013

The new multi-turn absolute encoder with EtherCAT from TR-Electronic is available featuring fully programmable high resolutions and offers position and speed information.

Available shafts include solid, blind, hollow through and integrated coupling.

This new line of advanced absolute encoders features a modular construction for mechanical customisation. It has extensive parameter setting possibilities including scaling parameters, count direction and preset values. Special parameters are available upon request. It uses a supply voltage of 11…27 VDC and has a working temperature of 0°C to +60°C with the option of upgrading to a working temperature of -20°C to +70°C. The EtherCAT advanced encoder features an IP65 Protection Class when used with a screwed-on mating connector and/or cable gland. With fast cycle times, communication along the EtherCAT network is extremely efficient.

The advanced absolute encoder is ideal for rotary indexing tables and other repeating rotary position feedback applications where utilising the fully programmable resolution option is necessary. It can also be used with closed loop controllers, which often require a separate speed signal for speed feedback. The EtherCAT advanced encoder features short lead times and other interfaces are also available.

For additional information on TR's motion and measurement solutions or to discuss your other encoder requirements please call TR-Electronic on 01371 876187, email info@tr-electronic.co.uk or visit www.tr-electronic.co.uk.