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CLPA expands throughout Asia

09 December 2013

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is expanding its Gateway to China programme to embrace all of Asia, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan and India and other growing economies in the region.

CC-Link is an open automation network technology and is one of the leading networks used throughout Asia. It allows field devices from various manufacturers to be mixed and matched within a control network so that users are not constrained to a single make of products. The CLPA is the organisation of manufacturers and users of CC-Link technologies. It is responsible for the technical development of the network and promotes its adoption on a worldwide basis.

One of the CLPA’s most successful initiatives has been Gateway to China ("G2C”), which helps European automation companies increase their business in China by using CC-Link as an enabling technology.

"The new Gateway to Asia ("G2A”) programme is modeled on our previous success in China, part of which is based on the flexibility to adapt to local requirements,” says John Browett, general manager of CLPA Europe. "It is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a bespoke service for each client, reflecting their needs and ambitions.

"We work with the partners concerned to create marketing campaigns that meet their needs in specific markets by choosing from the different benefits on offer. The final key point is that once a company joins the CLPA, the costs of the G2A programme are covered by their existing membership fees. Hence it provides a cost effective way to increase the scope of their marketing activities while adding a third party endorsement.

"This is a very exciting and ambitious project that should help European countries accelerate their business aims throughout a very exciting region of the global economy.”