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LED line & bar illumination

12 August 2014

Schott Moritex has introduced the MLNC high-brightness LED line illumination and MHBC high-power bar illumination series, two new machine vision illumination series for product inspection in a wide range of fields.

The MLNC high-brightness LED line illumination series provides lighting 10x brighter than previous SCHOTT Moritex models. The compact housing measures 25mm thick. The movable lens section allows flexible adjustment of the point of focus. The general increase in manufacturing and inspection throughputs demands brighter LED line illumination in various fields such as printed circuit boards, a need met by the MLNC Series. Other applications include appearance inspection of LCD panels and film, and in the pharmaceutical industry surface inspection of tablets and pills as well as foreign matter inspection of ampoules. The product lineup includes three models with light-emitting parts measuring 100 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm. The standard light colour is white; red is also available on a custom basis.

The MHBC high-power bar illumination series allows for extended working distance between the inspection target and the light source for greater flexibility in configuring layouts of lighting devices and uniform wide-area illumination. The MHBC Series provides optimal lighting performance for inspections of large mechanical parts for automobiles, printed labels on pharmaceutical products, food packages and soldering on printed circuit boards, for example. The product lineup includes four models with the light-emitting part measuring 150, 300, 450, and 600mm. Again, standard light colour is white; red is also available on a custom basis.