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Rockwell Automation expands Midrange system portfolio

16 November 2012

Rockwell Automation has expanded its Midrange system portfolio of scalable Allen‑Bradley servo drives, variable frequency drives, industrial Ethernet switches, and unified engineering and design to help machine and equipment builders reduce cost and complexity.

The development will also enable end users to standardise on one common technology for more efficient collaboration, streamlined project maintenance and faster system deployment.

"This year’s expanded Midrange system offering helps equipment builders and end users standardise on a single platform and address critical business issues, such as global standards, scalable hardware, collaboration and safety,” says John Pritchard, market development manager, Integrated Architecture, Rockwell Automation. "Forward-looking OEMs and end users can now leverage the same high-performance equipment as larger-scale systems, providing scalable integrated safety and motion options for a wider range of machines – all in the same controller, with a smaller price point.”

The Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system features the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix programmable automation controller families. The ControlLogix controller is suited to applications that have up to 10,000 I/O and 100 axes of motion, while the CompactLogix family is said to be ideal for applications with fewer than 200 I/O and up to 16 axes of motion. High-performance capabilities, such as integrated motion, safety, EtherNet/IP connectivity and reusable development tools, give users the ability to standardise on a single control platform for small- to large-scale applications.