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SIL-CL3 absolute encoder

14 July 2015

For applications requiring certified compliance with functional safety requirements, Johannes Huebner Giessen offers the new series of absolute encoders with SIL CL3 certificate.

Specifically developed for heavy industry the AMP(H) 41 (PROFIsafe via PROFIBUS DP) and AMPN(H) 41 (PROFIsafe via PROFINET IO) are certified to DIN EN 61508 up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) CL3 and to EN ISO 13849 up to Performance Level (PL) e. Using these functionally safe encoders exempts the user from having to provide separate verification of the functional safety of the position sensors.

Three versions of the encoders are available: AMP 41 and AMPN 41 with solid shaft (14mm diameter) as a flange (B5) and flange-foot version (B35) to mount the encoder using a coupling as well as the AMPH 41 and AMPNH 41 with a continuous hollow shaft (20mm diameter) to mount the encoder directly onto the drive shaft.

The devices with a PROFIBUS interface and those with a PROFINET interface use the PROFIsafe protocol for data transmissions. The total resolution is 28 bit, 13 bit singleturn resolution (8192 steps/revolution) as well as 15 bit multiturn resolution (32,768 rotations). An additional incremental output offers 4,096 pulses.

Featuring extensive diagnostics functions for error detection the certified functionally safe encoders are manufactured in an audited development and manufacturing process to guarantee maximum safety.

"In heavy industry it is imperative that high-performance and robust construction are not mutually exclusive," explains Thomas Brandenburger, head of the Product Management department. The new encoders were specifically developed for deployment in SIL 3 applications in heavy industry such as in steel and rolling mills, in mining, in cranes and port systems as well as for general deployment in applications in extremely harsh operating and environmental conditions.

Features such as a thick-walled aluminium casing, large ball bearings with high dynamic load rating and corrosion-resistant material with an additional protective coating ensure the encoders are ideal measuring devices for heavy duty applications in operating temperatures from -25 to +70°C. Furthermore, all devices are equipped with secure bolted connections to prevent them working loose under vibration loads as well as feather keys for form-fit shaft connections.

For hollow-shaft assemblies the robust, long torque bracket arm ensures a higher signal quality. The available degree of protection up to IP66 and the quality of the materials used mean the absolute encoders are also suitable for deployment in salt-laden environments.