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Vacuum pump brings massive potential for energy savings

14 July 2015

New from Atlas Copco is range of highly efficient vacuum pumps for the UK manufacturing industry, which the company claims represents a quantum leap forward in rough vacuum. The new GHS 350-900 VSD+ range promises customer benefits including average energy savings of 50% compared with conventional oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps, as well as best in class noise levels and oil retention.

Dirk Ville, general manager of Atlas Copco Compressors UK  said: "With clear synergies between compressed air and vacuum, Atlas Copco has been able to use its advanced compressor technology experience to design the GHS VSD+, leading to a breakthrough in energy efficiency, capable of dramatically reducing UK manufacturers’ lifecycle costs. Approximately three-quarters of companies who use rough vacuum require oil-injected pumps, which are traditionally fixed-speed, so the potential for energy savings across UK industry is massive.”

The potential for energy savings across UK industry is massive

The GHS 350-900 VSD+ range, generating nominal displacement of up to 900m3/h, incorporates state-of-the-art VSD technology that enables users to precisely adapt their vacuum generation requirements to match the demands of their process. Coupled with an innovative motor design and inlet control valve, the new range sets new standards for energy efficiency in rough vacuum pumps, leading to a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership. Other compelling benefits depend on the application, including increased production for food packaging lines.

As a result, UK manufacturers can now achieve significantly better performance against benchmarked oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps, which are predominantly fixed speed machines that react to variations in demand by switching on and off. Comparatively, the GHS VSD+ vacuum pump only delivers energy and performance when and where it is needed. If demand drops to half it only delivers half, and the power consumed is halved. This is one of the main reasons why the GHS VSD+ is capable of providing energy savings of 50% on average.

The GHS VSD+ range is designed to aid efficient production in a wide range of manufacturing industries, such as food and meat processing, bottling, canning, plastics, packaging, printing, paper, electronics, woodworking, house vacuum and central systems. Typical applications include lifting and handling, forming and shaping, vacuum packing, preservation, freeze drying, pick and place and pneumatic conveying.

When benchmarked against oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps currently available on the market, the GHS VSD+ pump offers a 50% reduction in noise levels, down to a whispering level of 51 dB(A), meaning it can be placed on the factory floor without disturbing operators. From a design viewpoint, the new range is based on Atlas Copco’s proven compressors, and provides a fully wired, complete system in a single housing, with all access points for service on the same side. Due to its plug-and-play design the GHS VSD+ Series is easy and fast to install, which saves time and space. The footprint is one of the smallest on the market, being no larger than a standard pallet.

The new range offers energy recovery features on the larger models, which leads to minimal hot air carry-over in the workplace and air-conditioned production environments.

Its market-leading oil retention means that the air produced from the discharge of the vacuum pump is of a higher quality. The GHS VSD+ also prevents oil spills on the factory floor, a common occurrence with conventional oil-lubricated pumps. The end result is a significantly cleaner working environment.

Atlas Copco looked at every single element to identify where extra efficiencies could be gained

When developing the GHS 350-900 VSD+ range, Atlas Copco looked at every single element to identify where extra efficiencies could be gained. For instance, the Atlas Copco-designed vacuum specific element offers a significantly longer lifetime than rotary vane pumps, as well as higher efficiency. Additionally, the new patent inlet control valve provides modulating vacuum control in conjunction with the VSD drive, minimising energy consumption.

The complete GHS VSD+ range is equipped with Atlas Copco’s state of the art Elektronikon® monitoring system and SMARTlink data monitoring. Elektronikon can integrate with the customer’s plant management system and control other vacuum pumps, helping with energy savings.

The efficiency credentials of the range are evidenced by conformance with ISO 50001 and 14001 standards, while environmental impact is reduced as a result of impeccable oil retention at all operating pressures – from ultimate pressure to atmospheric pressure.