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Smalley Wave Springs & Retaining Rings

28 July 2015

Our range of Wave Springs are durable and compact in design, they have dimensional uniformity and a long fatigue life.

Crest to Crest Wave Springs are used as a replacement for Coil Springs offering the advantage of assembly space saving. Compared to a conventional round wire spring they can maintain the same load and force specification whilst occupying 50% less space. This results in a number of benefits like Solid Heights, Lowered Operating Heights and Free Heights.

Our range of Wave Springs is diverse with over 500 different sizes available manufactured from a choice of 17-7 Ph Stainless Steel, Elgiloy, Carbon Spring Steel, Non Magnetic Beryllium Copper, Phosphor Bronze, AISI 316, A-286, and High Temperature Corrosion Resistant Inconel X-750 materials.

The TFC Retaining Ring range is vast and unique. An edge-coiling manufacturing process from flat wire, this unique process produces a retaining ring that has no protruding lugs or ears to interfere in the assembly. TFC offers 1000’s of standard spiral rings, which are readily available in both carbon and stainless steel. They can be economically produced in Inconel X-750 and many other alloys.