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Parvalux Gives Mechanical Sculpture Drive

22 October 2012

Kinetic sculptor and mechanical artist, Tom Wilkinson, has specified a Parvalux SD38MWS geared unit with inverter drive for his latest piece, commissioned by OMEGA, official timekeepers for the London 2012 Olympic Games.


The Sculpture, called the Driver, depicts man and machine and is described as a "symbiosis of figurative and mechanical”. It is the result of a complex project involving several artists.

For the last month, Wilkinson and the lead artist Danny Wooten worked closely together to bring the figure to life mechanically. The workings of the piece are all visible, and it is possible to clearly see the Parvalux motor powering the movements.

Tom worked with the Parvalux Service Centre, Birmingham on the project and chooses Parvalux for their reliability and quick lead times.

He said "I have been using Parvalux motors for over 15 years. I was extremely grateful to the Parvalux Service Centre for getting the motor to me so quickly. Given the short lead time I had for the project, I couldn’t afford to wait for such a key component to the sculpture.”