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Vision development environment

30 November 2015

Common Vision Blox 2016, the new release of Stemmer Imaging’s development environment for machine vision applications, is now available. The new version features Windows 10 support with a GigE Vision filter driver, support for additional platforms and operating systems as well as the new CVB Polimago search tool.

The extensive range of new functions of CVB 2016 provides users with significant benefits in terms of time saved both during the development process as well as by using the software tools. CVB 2016 features extended hardware support for ARM platforms as well as for the Odroid system on chip variants (SoC) such as Samsung Exynos5422.

These cost-effective systems are based on processors including Cortex A7 and A15 with up to 2 GHz and Octa Core CPUs, allowing high-performance image processing on extremely compact and flexible platforms.

The new version is available for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Kubuntu) both in 32 bit and 64 bit. CVB 2016 also supports the OpenEmbedded Linux-Yocto operating system which allows users an individual configuration of OS components and thus the optimisation of the system’s footprint.

The GigE Vision filter driver for Windows 10 is an unique feature of CVB 2016 and is currently only available from STEMMER IMAGING. Drivers for all current interfaces like USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, CameraLink, CoaXPress etc. are also included. Thanks to the support of all major machine vision interfaces on ARM and Intel-based hardware platforms CVB is an independent and flexible SDK for industrial imaging. CVB users have the freedom to use their own algorithms without having to deal with the driver level.

The latest CVB release also includes the new CVB Polimago search tool. It provides easy implementation and robust detection rates of solid or deformed patterns as well as pose estimation of objects at high processing speeds. The newly developed teach program for Windows both in 32 bit and 64 bit reduces the users’ effort during the teaching phase: CVB Polimago automatically generates thousands of training images thus significantly improving the teaching process and increasing the recognition rates.

Another helpful new feature is the code grading possibility in the Barcode reading tool CVB Barcode. This functionality supplies code quality information for 1D, datamatrix and QR codes which improves the security of code reading.