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Single drive for multiple motor types

26 February 2016

A single, versatile drive that is able to control most motor types has been introduced by Motion Control Products. The novel design of the i159 servo drive allows it to control stepper motors as well as brushed and brushless motors, voice coils and linear motors.

Developed to provide high precision positioning for stepper motors, it uses closed loop control to produce a substantial increase in efficiency and reduced power consumption. Offering both closed loop and open loop support, its flexible design also allows it to drive other motor types.

This cost effective drive is compact and its versatility means that only a single drive is needed for most small to medium applications.

With advanced, fully featured software the i159 drive supports CAN, RS232, EtherCAT and USB. The supply voltage is 10-48VDC, with a maximum phase continuous current of 5A, and an output of up to 500W. Efficiency is greater than 95%.

Hardware protection includes short-circuit protection, ESD and EMI protection, inverse polarity supply protection, and high power transient voltage suppression for short braking. User configurable protection includes bus over- and under-voltage, over- and under-temperature, over-current, overload and open load protection.